Meeting Notes 04/19/17

Media Aspect of Game

  • App for character cards?
  • Kahoot: game is brought up on one main computer, contains PIN number for game, individual players enter same PIN number into their own phones and this is how they can join the game. No app included, this will be a website itself, entering PIN brings up game on all phones using the PIN. This might be simpler in terms of implementing than an app would be?
    • Website will include all aspects of the game, will be completely separate from physical game itself, but web server and game will be able to communicate with each other to be able to play the game
    • Website will allow players to create their character profiles and will keep track of actions during the game and work essentially as a game keeper or a banker
  • Conner: has small computer that will allow us to create this.  He can connect a server to it and program what we need to create for the game

Game Aspects

  • How do you win?
    • Like a Sims 2 style, needs system such as “health,” “happiness,” “comfort,” “energy.” In the end, these all generate points in some way, and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins.
    • The board itself will have an end, the first person to reach the end will stop the game, and the points will be tallied then, the person with the most points at the end wins
    • Different events and actions throughout the game are classified under these “needs” categories and affect the points in different ways
    • It will be possible to make decisions that affect other players levels in different ways as well to set them back
    • There will be something implemented either physically or on the website that moves players down the board


One thought on “Meeting Notes 04/19/17

  1. These notes look great. What do u guys think about the person being awarded a points for being first to finish or about the randim events/challenges players are faced with? I didn’t see a section for bio so i added to my profile on word press. If anyone knows if I missed the right section to post my info please let me know…..

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