Meeting Notes 04/24/17


9 Phases of the game, each spanning 10 years of life, beginning at age 5.


Each player is in charge of keeping track of their physical standings on a player sheet.  Events affect different conditions in various ways, players will keep close track of these throughout the game. (Possible conditions: Stress, Happiness, Energy, Physical Well-Being)

Each phase contains 5 physical tiles on the board

1 tile in each phase of life will be a completely random, uncontrollable event.  It’s event and it’s effects on your player levels will depend on the phase of life you are in (Age).  These will be physical cards that each player will draw when they come to this tile.  The card itself will contain a general name for the nature of the event, and a code to enter into the computer which will then generate the effects of that card based upon your phase.

The other 4 tiles will be random events generated by the computer, also dependent on the phase of the game.  Random events and their potential choices will be created based upon things that may happen in real life around these certain ages.

Each random event will include a description of the event, and two possible choices.  The choices will essentially be “stereotypically morally bad” vs. “stereotypically morally good.”  However, choosing either of these doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the outcomes will be positive or negative.  Once you make this initial choice, the computer will then give you a random outcome based on this choice, and you will record its benefits or consequences on your player sheet.

Each player will move through each tile in order, encountering random events and having to make decisions, ultimately unsure of how they will affect their overall standing.

The game will end when all the players have moved through every single tile.  Then, players will count their points and the player with the highest score wins the game.

Meeting Attendees: Emma, Xinming, Conner, Tom

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  1. I’m getting a lot out of these notes to help me understand the game. Except, I am not sure how we move. Is it everyone moves forward one space at time? Or do we roll dice to figure out how far we move? Are we still including the element of the game ending when the first person completes the board?? Please lmk Thanks.

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