Paper Game Jam

On April 17th, 2017, the Wolverine Gaming Team participated in a in-class game jam. The goal of the game jam was to take a digital game and create a game based on it in a physical form.

Our team choose the game NBA 2K as our digital game and made a game based on the matches in the game. Career and other modes were omitted.

The rules of our game are as follows:

  • Flip a coin to decide who goes first.
  • Once a player reaches 21 points, the game ends.
  • Each player takes turns drawing a card* and takes an action based on the first symbol on the card:
    • Lion – Automatic 3 points
    • Dove- Foul, 2 points for the opposing team
    • Owl or Peacock – Automatic 2 points
    • Snake – Turn over
    • Bull – Pass to teammate
    • “Plot” – If your team has possession of the ball, nothing happens. Otherwise, you steal the ball from the opposing team. The ball goes to the corresponding position of your own team.
  • If you connect passes through each player and reach the hoop, you receive 2 points.
  • If you draw a bull and do not have possession of the ball, it goes out of bound. The coin is flipped and you call heads or tails. If you win the coin toss, you take possession of the ball at the corresponding position as the opponent.*


During the play-testing phase of the game jam, the following feedback was collected and questions answered:
Game drawbacks:

  • Difficult to  keep track of which team has possession.
  • Unclear rules on who draws a card.
  • Steal card does not work because only the team who has possession draws a card.

(These issues have since been corrected)

Is the original game showing in the new medium?
Yes, the game is based off the matches in NBA 2K.

Are the rules clear?
There are a few flaws in the rules. For example, the steal card which was intended to gain possession of the ball never worked because the way that the card were drawn, the opposing team would never draw this card while the ball was not in their possession.

Where was there friction or confusion?
There was confusion in keeping track of which team has possession of the ball and in keeping track of who draws cards from the deck.

How can you improve the game?
The game can be improved by either better refining the rules to eliminate the issues above or by having each player alternate turns instead of continually drawing until they lose possession or score.

Additional Feedback:

Players recommended that the cards that do nothing should be eliminated or changed.

Players also recommend (in the case of alternating turns drawing from the deck) the bull card if drawn, forces the ball out of bounds and calls for a coin toss to decide who gets possession if the drawing player does not have possession of the ball.

Uploaded 04/17/17 by Conner Starkel

*Amended after recommendation by game testers.

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