Preliminary Game Ideas

The following list is a set of game ideas that were generated by students before teams were formed. The majority of the ideas come from members of our team. We will take these ideas into consideration when designing our game. Stay tuned for more information as our design process continues!

Type: Computer and Board game

Players: 1-4 (although more could be possible)

An extremely complex version of the Life board game. Kinda like a combination of Life and The Sims. The game would be main event driven with random events (lottery winner, house fire, etc.) occurring during each player turn. Each player will be given random characteristics at the start of the game. These characteristics depending on what it is will impact the events that appear during the game. “National” events (war, economic crisis, etc.) will also occur randomly and impact all players. The game is much more brutal than Life where the player can be eliminated at any time during gameplay by dying as a result of an event.

Objective: Depends on player preference, can be simply surviving to the end of the game or having the most money at the end of the game.

Type: Card and Media Management (app or online application)

Players~ 4

Teach real world money management skills that is based on random distribution of jobs ( or maybe a random starting capital that allows you to choose to go to college or use it as a revenue to start a trade or something) and random events that can challenge or assist in your career path (that are cards or random events can be scanned into the app from a QR code?). At the end of each day(round), you can get a certain amount of money that will allow you to buy leisure items that will be recurring fees. All revenues and recurring fees will be managed by a mobile app. You will win by having the best style of life that is decided by the players or an algorithm that balances your leisure items and your income?

Type: A board game involving mechanics from MMORPG and monopoly.

Recommended Players: 5-10

Roles: everyone just gets one game card, to begin with(game card has 4 health bars on it), then there are 5 different character cards for the players to choose from randomly(2 of each), each of them has a unique ability. The Knight can block an attack through playing rock paper scissors with the attacker(must win to block). The Sorceress can negate an attack if they roll an even number using the dice. The Assassin can ignore the armor statistics of the target if rolled an odd number. The Thief is able to steal one of the target’s equipment at random if they are able to deal damage successfully. The Berserker can have another life once they have been killed, but the prerequisite is that they have to roll 2 dice and the sum of the 2 numbers must be less than 6.

Name: Trial and error

Recommended Objective: To navigate the spaces on the board before you lose or die.

My game falls into the hybrid game category that uses dice a board virtual or real and a phone app. The game is comprised of problems that can occur in your daily life and some of the problems are real when others are illusions and the object of the game is to progress around the board picking things of value depending on which find out what’s real and what’s not an actually real Your goal in the game is to get on the board first but if you react to the situations in the wrong way you will be penalized spaces back towards the game. There is only one thing that can make you move forward but that is the rolling of dice. Some common problems would be your car getting a flat tire, you lose your car keys, someone hacking your computer accounts, or you spill water on your laptop. To move forward on the game you have to either pay money or roll dice. Rolling dice will also determine how much money you start the game with. The board has  60 spaces. The board is similar to Monopoly. Some other trials in the game would be maybe you get sick and that determines that you move at 1/2 speed. There are no cards just a board and you are going to have different ways to go like a fork in the path. There is a phone app that randomly determines what situations move pieces on a board.

Type: App/online version of werewolf game but with a double identity.

Players:7- 9

Objective: Develop an app for online werewolf game. The objective of this game is the same as the traditional werewolf game, but different ways to play. In the traditional werewolf game, players only have one identity, either werewolf or villagers one a player die the game is over for him/her. In this app, everyone has 2 identity, which means they have 2 lives. After the first identity died player can continue the game with their second identity.

Cops and robbers combined with an app? Series of clues that are given to both the cops and robbers (who all join the same game on the app) that lead to different checkpoints on the way to the safe spot.  Robbers goal is to figure out the clues before the cops do and get to the checkpoint to receive the next clue all while evading the cops. You must reach each checkpoint to unlock next clue.  The robbers must get to the safe spot without being caught in order to win, the cops must make sure the robbers don’t make it to the safe spot.  It will be location/map based, sort of like Pokemon go, where the app knows the area and clues are based on places and destinations in that area.

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