Team Meeting 04/05/17

On April 5th, 2017, the team conducted an in-class meeting to continue the design process. No agenda was set prior to the meeting. Below are the notes from the meeting:

Team 5

Notes 4/5

In class meeting on 4/5

Attendees: Thomas, Conner, Ming, and Kevin

General Business:

  • Team Contract was amended and signed
  • New team name has been adopted from now on Team 5 will be called “Wolverine Gaming
  • The name of the Game for our Project is called: “Life Advanced

Tech Game Design Etc.…

  • Website: Conner created it, added some pictures, wrote post…
  • For the game design:
  • We are going to be making Character cards for our characters
  • A chart will be made for the cards/ board
  • We don’t know how many spaces the board will be but I suggested 60 spaces (Tom) but we will have to vote to decide.
  • Survival Bars will be built in to player cards to show health of the player…
  • Money management will be part of the character’s need skills for survival in the game
  • There will be only 5 characters to use in the game and they will be created by team 1 each
  • Ideas for the endgame to “Win at the Game” Win/Win, Lose/Lose, 0 Sum…
  • 3 ideas:

Navigating Board (first one around)

Defeating other players – Last Man/Woman standing

Survive to a certain age or amount of time

  • Each Team member is supposed to come up with Random event situations that the game characters can get in to:

Players will be able to make a choice about the event happening to them which will affect health

Team is supposed to come up with 20 (possibly) events each

Each event will be assigned a probability value and the events will be randomly generated

Next meeting will be??

Notes taken by: Thomas Cady 4/5 submitted, 4/16

Wolverine Gaming

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