Class Feedback – Session I

On May 9th, 2017, the students in BIS 236 provided feedback on our and other groups games. We did not have a demo to demonstrate during the event but we still did receive feedback based on our earlier in-class presentation and our design documents. The following is a summary of the feedback received.

Improvements List

  • Including a one-time a game super event (natural disaster? war?)
  • Relies too heavily on randomness

Planned Changes List

  • Looking into the “super event” thing, but issues may come up with the fact that a super event could effect all players the same?  Where is the advantage or disadvantage for certain players?
  • The comment on randomness seems like they didn’t necessarily understand the event structure, a couple reviewers didn’t realize that there were more than just two possible outcomes for making choices when posed with events in the game.
  • Continue working on events
  • Figure out points structure, how to keep score

Comments List

  • Concept is interesting and realistic x2
  • Clear point of game
  • Intersting and complex
  • More detailed and modern version of LIFE

We will be considering this feedback and making changes as necessary. We look forward to demonstrating our game at the next feedback session.

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