Class Feedback – Session II

On May 24th, 2017, a second feedback session was held. Unlike the last feedback session, we had a functional prototype for students to test. In the time alloted, we were able to nearly complete one game with a 4-person group.

Through our play testing, we found a significant issue in our game. When played with a larger group, the events seemed to not be as random as desired. Many events occurred multiple times with one player receiving an event four times. This likely is a result of a limited number of events for the prototype. To account for this, we will try to add some more events before we release the final prototype.

Students also requested more positive events in the game as well as an option to set how many spaces a player moves each turn to give players the option to play a fast game as for as the number of player increases the amount of time needed increases. We plan on incorporating these features in the final prototype release. Some improvements to the rules sheet may also be needed.

If you would like to play the version that was play tested, a release is now available on our GitHub.  You will need .NET Framework 3.5 installed to run the program.

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