Game Design

The following is the planned design of our game. All elements are subject to change.


Life Advanced is a hybrid computer board game that aims to enhance the realism of the classic board game LIFE by introducing random events throughout the course of a player’s life. Starting at age 5, players will travel through different stages of life being given different circumstances and choices to make along the way.

Target Audience

Number of Players: 2-5

Target Age: 16+   ERSB: T   PEGI: 16   CERO: C

Platform: PC, Physical board game

Playtime: Undetermined, likely an hour or more

Competitive Products: LIFE


As a player in this world, you’re trying to live through the game and grown up while encountering various events that can affect your opportunities. Some of the events can be winning the lottery, and a bad one will be something like getting into a car accident. The actions in this game will simulate the things that happen in reality. Some of the players will have a worse “childhood” than others and stats that you have at the start of the game will affect the outcomes of some of the events.


During each turn, the player will advance one space on the board. Once the player moves, a random event will occur. The player will then be presented with two choices on how to react to the event. Once a player chooses an action, a random outcome of that choice will impact the player(s) depending on the event

If the player lands on a space marked with a question mark, instead of encountering a random event, the player will draw a special event card from the deck. These cards contain a code that the player then enters on the computer. The cards will trigger an event where the player is given no choice (such as a natural disaster) and is impacted based on their age (i.e. a 6-year-old can’t win the lottery).


The Game Board:

The game board is comprised of 45 spaces with each 5 spaces corresponding to a certain phase. Each phase represents a 10 year span of the players age starting at age 6 and ending at age 95. The location of a player on the board will impact what type of events occur and how the special event cards impact the player (see Gameplay).

The Computer:

A Windows-based computer or Linux-based computer will handle the managing of events. The computer will also be responsible for displaying information about the game in progress. For maximum compatibility, an HP Thin Client or a Raspberry Pi 2 is the target

Event Structure:


Events will follow a structure similar to the one above.  Each tile will generate a random event that corresponds to the phase of life the players are currently in.  The computer will show a description of the event, and give the player two moral choices about how they are going to deal with the event.  At the time, the player does not know how their choice will affect their standing in the game.  The player will make a choice, and the computer will randomly select one of the outcomes for the event and the player will record the effects of the event and their choice on their player sheet.

Player Cards:

Our player statistics will be recorded on a separate piece of paper, each player will obtain a blank player sheet at the beginning of the game and record the outcomes of each event as the game goes on.


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