Progress Continues!

Work on our game prototype is quickly nearing its end as the quarter draws to a close. The game is quickly coming together and the game mechanics are being fine-tuned. On Monday, we will demo our game to the class as part of the second feedback session. Since the first session, we haven’t made any changes based on the feedback but combined with the feedback from the second session, we hope to make some final changes before submitting our final prototype. Below is a snapshot of some of the work that has been done in the last few weeks.

Computer GUI

The computer portion of the game is fully functional! Currently we are working on fine tuning events in game as well as resolving some bugs here in there. As we get closer to our deadline, we hope to make further improvements as necessary. You can follow our progress and see what has already been done on our GitHub repository.

Game Board

The game board has also changed to what we think will be its final form. The game board now features some more graphics to give it a better look.


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