Card Events

Once every phase, players will encounter a card event. When the player lands on the question mark spot on the board, they will draw a card from the deck and enter the code on the card into the computer. These card events differ from the random events by not giving a player a choice of what to do. Instead, the event pulled from a deck of cards will impact a player differently depending on what phase they are currently in. The following is the list of card events in the game. Please note that for prototype purposes, a limited number of card events have been added. The card events are as follows:

  • House Fire
  • Windstorm
  • Large Inheritance
  • Break-In
  • Job Promotion
  • Car Crash
  • Snow Storm
  • Radio Contest Winner
  • Earthquake
  • Nationwide Internet Hacker
  • Semi-Truck Crash
  • Vacation to Paris
  • Scholarship

Click here to download a printable Word document of the cards.